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Use outdoor fitness equipment to keep in mind "four notes"

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Use the device to keep in mind "four notes"

Note 1: Do not exercise excessively. In the past, people who regularly participate in physical exercise can increase the amount of exercise appropriately. Generally, the pulse should not exceed 110 times/minute, and the maximum should not exceed 120 times/minute. Old comrades who don’t often or do not participate in physical exercise in the past must first choose the sports that suit them.

Note 2: Be sure to prepare for exercise before exercise, warm up for 10 to 15 minutes. This will prevent twisting your neck, twisting your waist and hurting your nerves.

Note 3: Do some sorting activities after the exercise. Because the person's capillaries expand after exercise, if the person sitting on the ground does not move, the human blood can not return to the heart at the far end of the body, it will feel the heart is depressed, old comrades with high blood pressure and heart disease, After the exercise, take a walk and buffer for about 10 minutes.

Note 4: Master the exercise time. Older friends should spend about 40 minutes each time, no less than 30 minutes on the left and no more than 1 hour on the right.

The equipment should also pay attention to the following: the fitness equipment of the community "fitness path" can be divided into three types: body structure movement (also called anaerobic exercise), aerobic exercise and body flexibility training.

These devices can help people treat biomechanical diseases, energy excess diseases, and neurological and psychiatric diseases. According to the functions of various types of equipment, we divided the sports equipment in the community "fitness path" into four types.


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