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Shanghai Disney;s total investment or 24.4 billion is expected to incite trillio

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The highly regarded Shanghai Disney project quietly started after a year of silence.

"After the Special Olympics, the relevant departments of the central government have already passed this plan, and have already entered the initial planning stage." On the evening of November 28, an insider close to the Shanghai Disney project revealed to reporters.

According to informed sources, the restart of the Disney project will start construction after the 2010 World Expo, and the investment amount will increase from the original 30 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan. However, the restart of the project is likely to change the location from the original Chuansha Town to Chongming Island.

Site Green Chongming

"We are very supportive of this project!" In the face of the reporter's verification, the person in charge of the propaganda department of Chongming County in Shanghai said. The person admitted to the reporter that the county has been negotiating with the city planning department for this purpose, and strives to Chongming early in the morning. "I hope to talk earlier, which is a good thing for Chongming and Shanghai."

At the beginning of this year, two senior vice presidents of Disney visited China twice in half a month. It is reported that Chongming government officials have discussed with them to introduce Disneyland. Chongming also showed its overall planning and green ecology concept to Disney executives. It caused great interest from Disney executives.

The person responsible for the external propaganda of Walt Disney China in the United States told reporters that they have no relevant information to publish.

"Chongming Island does not have any pollution today. It is a pure land and cannot develop a polluting heavy industry. The tourism economy is our future development direction." The head of the Propaganda Department of Chongming County told reporters.

Chongming Island, the third largest island in China at the mouth of the Yangtze River, is called the last untapped “green treasure land” in Shanghai. The value of the ecological environment is the greatest potential for the development of Chongming. The 1200 square kilometers of land on the island is the future development of Shanghai. Great expansion space.

According to the reporter's understanding, in the "Chongming Three Islands Master Plan" promulgated by the Chongming County Government, the "theme park" was explicitly mentioned. He has considered Disney's factors and left a large strategic reserve area as a reserved land for these major projects. Once the future Disney is built, it will play a role in driving nearby industries.

In this regard, a person from the Chongming County Government told reporters that if Disney approved the establishment in Chongming, Chongming will consider the model of Orlando Disneyland in the United States, which will build Disney into a large-area, low-density park.

For Shanghai, the development of Chongming Island is an important part of Shanghai's future economic development.

Zhu Lianqing, director of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Business Research Center, believes that although Pudong is now the driving force for Shanghai's rapid economic growth, Shanghai's economic center has gradually turned to the eastern region, but how to continue to maintain Pudong's position as the "development pole" of Shanghai's economy and open up the economy. The development of a new battlefield has become a key issue for decision-makers in Shanghai. For the long-term consideration, the Shanghai government has begun to pay attention to the development of the surrounding areas and form a multi-polar development strategy, and Chongming will undoubtedly play a major role.

"In a sense, Chongming is the future of Shanghai. If it is built in Chongming, Disney will have a catalytic effect on the development of Chongming." Zhu Lianqing said.

"The current location of Chongming Island is being demonstrated. Although it has not been finalized, from the overall consideration of the economic layout, there are more people supporting the government to build Disney in Chongming," said the insider.

Fight for Mickey Mouse

However, in the past year, Disney’s trip to Shanghai has suffered many twists and turns.

A person who once participated in the negotiations between China and Disneyland told reporters that when Shanghai was to build Disney, it had an unwritten commitment with Hong Kong and relevant departments of the central government. In order to avoid vicious competition, Hong Kong Disneyland achieved initial development. Space, Shanghai Disney will be built after 2010. Shanghai will fully guarantee the construction of the World Expo here.

However, after the Shanghai Social Security case, the Disney project was once stranded. The Shanghai Disney Research Team, which was originally established, was also suspended. The original demolition plan for the Huanglou, the site of the site, was stopped, and the officials were sealed.

“Not only Disney, but also a series of projects previously developed by the Ferris wheel have been temporarily suspended. At this time, the discussion also focused on the practicality of the project. The standard is considered from the perspective of the Shanghai economy as a whole. Some are expensive, but The project that can't create benefits will stop in a low-key manner." A Shanghai CPPCC committee member told reporters.

According to him, more experts began to discuss the necessity of building Disney. Because Hong Kong Disneyland sometimes has unstable passenger traffic and light business, there are still quite a few experts who insist that the construction of Disney is an opportunity for Shanghai to adjust its industrial structure. The support of some officials, after applying to the central government, was finally approved after the Special Olympics.

However, due to the shelving of the Disney project, the original Disney address Chuansha Town encountered competition from other districts and counties in Shanghai. In the past year, Chongming County frequently contacted the top officials of the Shanghai government to try to persuade the top officials to change their minds.

In fact, the main advantage of Chuansha Town is the convenient transportation and perfect facilities. The Pudong Railway and Rail Transit Line No. 11 to be built will be set up in Chuansha Town. In addition, Chuansha Town is more than ten minutes drive from Pudong Airport and is very convenient for tourists. One of the greater benefits is that foreign visitors who transit through the transit can travel to Disney without a visa within 48 hours. The unfavorable factor is that Chuansha is located in Pudong. The land is tight and the scale of demolition is large. It is difficult to expand the surrounding commercial circle in the future.

For Chongming Island, which is located in eco-tourism, this is an island that is completely undeveloped. It is like a piece of white paper. It is smeared casually. There is almost no demolition cost, and there is no polluting enterprise on the whole island. It is very suitable for large-scale themes like Disney. park. The person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Chongming County told the reporter that because Chongming Island currently has a large open space reserved, Disney has no problems in the western, eastern or northern parts of Chongming Island.

Although the traffic is currently inconvenient, tunnels and bridges as well as rail transit are already under planning. The reporter learned from the Shanghai Planning Department that the Yangtze River Bridge on Chongming Island will be opened to traffic in 2009, and the Yangtze River Tunnel Project will be opened to traffic in 2010, and the tunnels and bridges have already reserved the location of rail transit. It is reported that the main line and the branch line of the rail transit planned and constructed by Chongming Three Islands are integrated with the main line and the tunnel and the bridge. From Pudong via Changxing Island to Chenjia Town of Chongming Island, the branch line connects Changxing Island and Hengsha Island, and finally forms a three-dimensional Traffic network.

According to Wang Liang, director of the Shanghai Institute of Circulation Economics, if Disney settles in Chongming Island, there will be more than 30 million tourists each year, and more than 85% of Chongming Island residents will serve Disney directly or indirectly, which will form the whole.

The largest tourist concentration area in the Yangtze River Delta region will play an important role in adjusting the industrial structure of Shanghai and increasing the proportion of service industry.


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