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It is planned to invest 1 billion Shenyang "Disney" intends to settle in Huanggu

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The No.1 plot in the north section of Shenyang Jinlang was successfully delisted by Korea Lotte Group. The cloned version of “Korea Lotte World” will be built.

In the next three years, the "Korean Lotte World", known as "Korean Disneyland", is expected to be copied to the north exit of Shenyang North Station.

By then, Shenyang people will have their own "Disney."

On April 11, the No. 1 plot in the north section of Shenyang Jinlang was successfully delisted by Korea Lotte Group.

No. 1 will build "Disney"

On April 11, the Shenyang Land Reserve Trading Center held an opening ceremony. Block No. 1 in the northern section of Shenyang Golden Corridor – the north exit of Shenyang North Station, covering an area of 194,700 square meters, was successfully delisted by Lotte Group, a Fortune 500 company.

Jingjing, deputy head of Huanggu District, Shenyang City, introduced that after the delisting of the land, the Korean version of Lotte World will be presented on the “No. 1 Land” in the next three years.

Korea Lotte World is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is the largest indoor theme park in the world. It is called “Disneyland in South Korea” and has amusements such as indoor “Lotte World Adventure” and outdoor “Magic Island”, including department stores and food. Comprehensive formats such as restaurants and restaurants.

Shenyang Lotte World will only copy the Korean Lotte World in China and become “Shenyang Disney”. Lotte Group intends to invest 1 billion yuan to build a modern leisure and entertainment business district with super large indoor playgrounds, large shopping malls, super five-star hotels, modern office rooms and high-end residences in “No.1 Land”. According to the preliminary design plan, the construction area of the project will reach more than 1 million square meters. It is estimated that the daily passenger flow will be around 100,000 people. At the same time, the project will also drive the employment of nearly 10,000 people in Shenyang.

When the project is completed, more than 3,000 employees from South Korea will be stationed in Shenyang Lotte World. At that time, Shenyang citizens can enjoy authentic Korean services.

After the completion of the project, “waiting for the train while shopping”

According to reports, the planned exit of the Harbin-Dalian Railway Passenger Dedicated Line will be set up in the southeast of the “No. 1 Land”, thus achieving seamless connection with “Shenyang Disney”.

The envisioned Shenyang Lotte World will be connected to the North Station Station and the North Station Plaza built for the Harbin-Dalian Passenger Dedicated Line. It will be operated 24 hours a day and will be divided into two shopping malls on the ground and underground. Passengers can wait for the train while shopping. It is extremely convenient to buy tickets and get on the bus in the shopping city.

According to Jingxing, the commercial complex of Shenyang Lotte World will be brand new in terms of service methods and business objects.

Shenyang Lotte World and another commercial project in the north, with a total commercial area of 2 million square meters, will become another economic center of Huanggu District, and will be misplaced with the northbound business circle of the First Economic Center of Huanggu District.

Shenyang Lotte World is a business format based on modern service industry. It can realize multi-integrated services such as residence, shopping and leisure without going far. This year, Huanggu District has set three priority development goals. The first one is the modern service industry. Shenyang Lotte World is the start-up project of the modern service industry in Huanggu District.

Jingxing said that Shenyang Lotte World and its adjacent commercial projects will become the second economic center of Huanggu District after the North Business Circle.


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