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first large-scale chain theme park layout completed

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On December 22, 2008, OCT Group held a press conference on “Happy Valley Theme Park Chain Brand Promotion and Chengdu Happy Valley Opening” in Chengdu. Liu Pingchun, vice president of OCT Group, announced that Chengdu Happy Valley will officially open on January 18, 2009, and Shanghai Happy Valley will also be unveiled in the summer of 2009. At that time, Happy Valley will determine the layout of the east, west, and north, and form the first theme park chain brand in China.

Sending a happy gift to the rebuilt Sichuan

As the leading group of China's tourism industry, OCT Group has always been the banner and vane of the development of China's theme parks. Its development and construction of the Splendid China, China Folk Culture Village, Window of the World, and Shenzhen Happy Valley have long become classics of Chinese theme parks.

According to reports, Chengdu Happy Valley Theme Park is the third stop of the Happy Valley Theme Park chain brand in the country after Shenzhen Happy Valley and Beijing Happy Valley. It is located at the junction of the section of North Third Ring Road and Jiaoda Road in Chengdu. The first phase of the investment is 960 million yuan. It consists of Sunshine Harbor, Happy Hour, Caribbean Whirlwind, Bayu Love, Flying Island, Magic Castle and the seven major themed areas of the Mediterranean. Chengdu Happy Valley is not only a new landmark for entertainment culture in the Southwest, but also a window and business card for the new Chengdu that is being rebuilt.

In June 2008, Liao Hui, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, inspected Chengdu OCT, saying that the opening of Chengdu Happy Valley just sent a happy gift to the Sichuan people who suffered from the earthquake disaster. It is understood that after the "5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake", Sichuan Province actively carried out post-disaster reconstruction work, in which the psychological comfort of the people in the disaster areas and tourism, real estate, investment attraction, etc. became important contents.

Ren Kelei, CEO and CEO of OCT Group believes that in the face of the disaster, Chengdu is still full of vitality. Chengdu Happy Valley will open in time, which will produce good joint benefits and agglomeration effects, drive regional development, improve urban functions and create comprehensive urban benefits. In other respects, it plays an important role in promoting. At the same time, I hope that the unique entertainment and tourism elements of Happy Valley will bring joy to the Sichuan people, promote spiritual reconstruction, regain their confidence, and embrace the future with a positive and optimistic attitude.

At the same time, Shanghai Happy Valley will also open in the summer of 2009. The industry believes that in just one year, two large Chinese theme parks have been launched one after another, and they are the same chain brand, which is unique in the history of Chinese theme parks. According to OCT, the sum of capital investment in Chengdu and Shanghai Happy Valley is basically equal to the sum of all the theme park construction investment in OCT before, which shows that the scale is huge. Quoting the OCT people's statement: In 2009, it was the theme park year, the Happy Valley year, and the happy year.


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